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The Cult of Fools

The Cult of Fools — “The arrest of 300 million” — Jan 16, 2022

Mike Lindell, a.k.a Mr. Pillow, has been pushing the big lie to such a degree that he has more or less become a parody of himself. I really thought that there was nothing he could now claim that would warrant opening one of my weekly postings with it.

Well hey, I was oh so very wrong about that.




Most humans, regardless of their beliefs or lack of any, are generally decent and honourable. Some abandon all that, toss empathy, integrity, and honesty under the bus and so they end up joining the Cult of Fools. It is almost impossible to distinguish satire from actual claims.

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David Gamble

David Gamble

Blogger and writer with a keen interest is science, skepticism, critical thinking, and many other weird and whacky topics.

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