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The Cult of Stupid

The Damned Disunited

Forty four days

Boy was I ever the optimist, thinking she’d struggle to make it past Alec Douglas-Home’s 362 days as Prime Minister. Now she’s destined to be barely an historical footnote, relegated to being the half-recalled answer to a pub quiz question sometime next decade.

But you can’t say it’s either surprising, or undeserved. Never has a candidate seemed so out of her depth, so unfitted to the role she had craved. That even includes her immediate predecessor, a man we all knew should never have been let near high office.

So now the chaos continues, and no one has a clue what happens next. But she was the candidate her party supposedly wanted, even if her own MPs didn’t, so what does it say about them? Nothing good, if we are being frank, but now it means we have another Prime Minister about to be pushed upon us, whose policies on anything are yet to be revealed, and whose ability to carry them through the Commons must still be under question. Truss is not the cause, but only a symptom of the rot at the heart of a ruling party that clings to the sense of entitlement to govern. The mandate, given in 2019, is long gone, and one might even say that that mandate was obtained under less than honest circumstances, seeing as many of the promises made then have either been reneged upon or simply disregarded.

It’s not much fun to live in interesting times, can we have some dull, compassionate competence instead? PLEASE?



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