The Odds of Finding a Female Minifig in a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar VS Successfully Navigating an Asteroid Field

Stephen Scott
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12 min readNov 4, 2022


A ‘Never Tell Me The Odds’ LEGO Star Wars Story

Spot the female minifigs in this galaxy of Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar figures!

The odds of navigating an asteroid field (as we all know thanks to a certain goldenrod) are 3720 to 1.

But what are the odds of finding a female minifig in your LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar?

As you’d expect, the odds would make ’3PO blush.

Since 2011, LEGO have released a Star Wars Advent Calendar every year, a present you receive by 1 December so can open a door each day to get a daily gift in the 24 days before Christmas.

Rounding up all 12 editions you would have discovered 288 poly bags of LEGO goodness hidden behind those perforated cardboard doors (this analysis written up to and including Christmas 2022) … so how equal is the gender balance in one of LEGO’s most popular Christmas gifts?

This is how they average out …

A PIE chart showing the breakdown of items in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, Vehicles 38%, Minifig 31%, Weapons 11%, Objects 11%, Droids 4%, Locations 3%, Creatures 1%.


Almost 40% are vehicles, numbering well over 100 so far. Sometimes they’re misses, but when they hit, gosh darn it, I can’t put into words how good they are. Try to imagine that tingle you get, the magical joy that throws you back to childhood when you connect with something beautifully simple. That’s how it feels as you assemble micro versions of the Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, or X-Wing (4 occurrences each) and add them to your ever-growing flotilla of micro ships.

You may note that vehicles are by far and away my favourite part of the calendar, but they are genderless, so we should move on.

Locations, Weapons, and Creatures (oh my!)

Creatures and droids that are brick-built reside outside of the minifigure grouping, including Mynocks, Tauntauns, and GNK Droids. They also only make up 1.6% and 3.9% of the collection respectively.

Objects and weapons make a decent chunk of the buildable gifts, both claiming 10.7% of space in the calendar…



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