Donald Trump is an Ignorant Manchild

At 7:02 a.m., Donald Trump, unpopular president of the United States, picked up his unsecured phone and started tweeting. North Korea is setting off bombs, Russia is infiltrating our government a la The Americans, and we are still recovering from the Bowling Green Massacre.

But what was important to Donald? Snoop Dogg.

First thing in the morning, he sent this tweet:

Really? President Barack Obama was threatened every single day of his campaign and presidency by groups like the KKK, who despite killing thousands more Americans in the U.S. than Muslims have are still not considered terrorists, and support Donald Trump.

And do you know who Obama didn’t attack on Twitter? The KKK.

And do you know why? Because he’s a mature man who understands the gravity of his position, not an overgrown manchild with a bad toupee whose hands are barely big enough to hold his UNSECURED smartphone.

P.S. Hawaii halted Trump’s travel ban, and he got mad about it at a pep rally, like a former high school QB going back to his hometown to relive the glory days.