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I’ve abandoned blogs all over the internet. Both ones I made with a serious intent to make them work, and others that I just sort of started to see if I liked a particular platform. But with every “Create New Blog” click, I struggled with something: I’m interested in everything. When I started a fashion blog, my sports readers didn’t care. When I started a sports analysis blog, my pop culture enthusiasts often felt like I was speaking another language.

Then, I retired from blogging for a year or two, convinced that I’d find a way to marry my love of politics, sports, fashion, entertainment, and regular old news and opinions.

I talked to a lot of people to find out their interests and discovered something: our culture has changed. You don’t always have to pick between being a jock and liking comics, or between knowing what defense your favorite football team runs and having an opinion on Marc Jacobs’ latest controversial show, you don’t have to hide your love of politics while making a recipe from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings.

We’re in this interesting place where all of our cultures are colliding, and it’s a beautiful thing. So, that gave me the idea to start The Culture. A place where we can all authentically be ourselves and talk about things that matter to us. For me, it’s things like:

These are the things I’m thinking about off the top of my head, but they’re also conversations I’ve had with friends of all genders, religions, ages, sexualities and any other demographic you can think of.

So, that is the fount from which The Culture sprung from. Every day, as we’re inundated with more and more information, we become smarter, and not just through reading, but through our conversations with each other. I hope this can be a place where people write their musings and findings, where we can have a meeting of the minds and encourage difficult conversations. No one ever became better by being comfortable.

Thank you for reading, for taking this journey, and for believing in The Culture. After all, every single one of us contributes to our culture, so we are all the culture.

P.S. I love collaborating with writers, editors, designers, etc. If you’re interested in posting on The Culture, feel free to reach out to me at theculture411@gmail.com.

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