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5 Reasons why Origin Should Be Your Next Career Destination

Director of Recruiting & People, Laura Jacques, shares more about Origin’s mission, team and opportunities.

1. We curate the employee experience just like we curate our clients’ trips

Our goal at Origin is to ensure that the experience of each and every employee is just as personalized as the trips we plan for our clients. We continue to shape our employee experience based on the needs of our evolving team. We do this through radical candor, pulse surveys, and deep-dive discussion to understand what’s most important to our employees. Few early-stage companies proactively hire a Director of People to help create an exceptional employee experience, and it goes to show that our founders, Eli Bressert and Tamar van de Paal are truly invested in their team and ensuring that Origin is a people-centric and employee-driven organization now, and in the future.

Founders Eli Bressert and Tamar van de Paal, are passionate about providing a positive people environment at Origin.

2. We focus on providing a magical candidate journey during recruitment

Providing an excellent candidate experience for an early-stage company is so important. We aim to ensure a candidate has a positive candidate journey from the moment they apply to the moment they are onboarded as an employee and every stage in between. Even if a candidate isn’t selected to join us as an employee, we want to foster a strong network of company champions who love what we do and may still be able to bring their expertise to Origin at some point in the future.

Our US-based team during a recent offsite meeting in Palo Alto, CA
Our US-based team during a recent offsite meeting in Palo Alto, CA

3. We are 100% remote and encourage workations from anywhere in the world

We are a remote-first company, which means we focus on finding the best talent, regardless of where they are in the world. We encourage our team to work from home, from a boat, from a rooftop, or from their favorite travel destination! While we are a globally distributed team, we love to come together weekly for our All-Hands meeting and virtual themed happy hours, as well as in-person for team offsites throughout the year.

The Origin team loves to travel, and we encourage meeting up with local employees whenever you find yourself nearby.

4. We are global citizens committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace

Origin is striving to be a truly inclusive work environment. We do this by providing equal access to opportunities, resources, and team culture for everyone, regardless of location. We also believe that having diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences is vitally important to Origin’s success. We have a huge opportunity and responsibility to scale Origin through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Although Origin is a remote-first organization, employees have access to resources such as co-working spaces.

5. We give you the opportunity to help shape the future of sustainable travel

Origin is at an exciting and pivotal time, having just landed five million dollars in seed funding from Project A and other investors, and we are excited to focus on growing our team and super powering our efforts to drive change and revolutionize the way people travel. We are still small (but mighty), which means there is a huge opportunity for ownership and impact. Our goals are not only to personalize travel for each and every client but to make a global impact by leveraging sustainable travel practices. As a company and team, we are passionate about driving positive change for our clients and the communities in which we travel.

If you’re inspired to learn more about Origin as your next potential career destination, you can read more about our mission, team and opportunities here.




Origin is a high touch travel service. By combining the human travel curators with highly-automated AI/ML tools, we can quickly make trips for where you want to go next.

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