Elin Granberg Sosa joins to supercharge our travel curator team

Tamar van de Paal
Jan 27 · 3 min read

As a founding member of our Core Curator team, Elin brings us unrivaled expertise crafting outstanding travel experiences for the most discerning clients in the world and a 360-degree view of the luxury travel industry to bear on our mission as we reimagine and reshape the modern bespoke travel experience.

“Access to luxury travel services has always been gated to the ultra-wealthy and I’m thrilled to join a company that seeks to democratize access to exceptional travel experiences through the merging of human touch and the scaling powers of advanced AI/ML. Having surprised and moved the most well-traveled VIP clients who thought they had seen it all, I know the key to memorable experiences lies in authentic personalization. The automation of tedious and time-consuming tasks would empower curators like myself to focus all our energy on the creative, human aspect of crafting a unique adventure for each one of our members and surpass all their expectations on every trip; from a weekend getaway to a long adventure in a far-flung destination”

An entrepreneurial spirit, she’s held multiple leadership positions driving strategic growth and building expert teams at Virtuoso and award-winning bespoke travel companies, including her own boutique experiential travel outfitter. Her career spans the entire spectrum of the travel ecosystem, allowing her to import best practices into the Origin organization from some of the world’s elite tour operators (Blue Parallel, PlanSouthAmerica), luxury cruises (Silversea) and membership business models (Mr & Mrs Smith).

Most of her career has been focused on developing a deep & intimate knowledge of destinations across Latin American & Scandinavia — a reflection of Elin’s Swedish-Uruguayan genes.

“Having explored beautiful places and met extraordinary people in my life is in great part due to the serendipitous blessing of being born in Mexico City to a Swedish father and a Uruguayan mother. I learned from an early age that I was happiest when deeply immersed in a place, springing from sailing in the Swedish archipelago to galloping in the Uruguayan pampas, which made the world feel equally vast and mysterious yet reachable. This multicultural upbringing defined why I believe travel is an essential part of the human experience. My career in travel is an expression of my global genetics, it’s where I invite people to explore and reach remote corners of the world, meeting people and living genuine experiences”

An insatiable experience-seeker, she’s roamed the world vetting properties and remote destinations. Even in 2020 she ventured across the shockingly beautiful desert landscapes of Utah and spent a month exploring the untamed wilderness of Yellowstone while living at the foothills of the majestic Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming. Yes, both Amangiri & Amangani are worth every penny. She loved nothing more than speaking with people to share her knowledge and tap into her rich network of local partners and co-create unique trips for them. And is now just a quick tap away for Origin’s members.

Last but not least, having witnessed both the negative and positive transformative power the travel industry can have on local communities, she’s become a strong advocate for weaving conscious and sustainable travel into a travel brand’s DNA. She sees it as an integral part of meeting the standards of today’s high-end travelers, making sure their far-reaching travel spend also meets their values of caring for the longevity of our planet, the environment and our cultures. Please join her, and Origin, on this mission!

The Curator

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The Curator

Origin is a high touch travel service. By combining the human travel curators with highly-automated AI/ML tools, we can quickly make trips for where you want to go next.

Tamar van de Paal

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The Curator

Origin is a high touch travel service. By combining the human travel curators with highly-automated AI/ML tools, we can quickly make trips for where you want to go next.

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