Make a Smart Statement with Ethically Handcrafted Jewelry

Accentuate your style and express yourself by choosing a unique, ethically handcrafted piece of jewelry this spring

Edel Quinn
Mar 26 · 4 min read
Whale tail ring by Atolea

As every woman knows, the jewelry you wear says a lot about your personality. It can add another dimension to your personal brand by accentuating your style with a statement piece. An outfit can be completely transformed with just one simple, understated piece of jewelry. Not only does jewelry compliment your outfit, it announces your arrival as you walk into a room! Find out how to create maximum impact this spring with these beautiful, ethically handcrafted jewelry brands that are kinder to both the people and the planet:

1. Caraliza

Caraliza represents an Irish-Indian love story which is at the heart and soul of this Cork based jewelry brand. The name contains the Irish word ‘Cara’ (meaning ‘dear one’ or ‘friend’) and both names, Ali and Liz who are the business owners. Each piece of jewelry is ethically handcrafted from scratch by skilled Indian goldsmiths. Caraliza use only the finest gemstones for all their pieces, responsibly sourced in the global gemstone “capital” Jaipur. Their jewelry is not machine-made or mass produced, so each piece is totally unique.

The collection at Caraliza includes classic handmade designs such as chunky silver rings, seed pod silver earrings and stunning gemstone pendant necklaces. Follow them on Instagram @caralizadesigns.

“You Are My Universe” amethyst silver pedant by Caraliza €150

2. Atolea

Atolea’s beautiful, ethically handcrafted jewelry is inspired by ocean and marine life such as whales, sea turtles and waves. They are made from sterling silver or stainless steel to keep their shine even when worn in sea or sand. Each month Atolea donate 15% of their profits to non-profit environmental organizations such as The Great Barrier Reef Foundation that work towards preserving and protecting the ocean, beaches, and marine life. With each piece of jewelry purchased from this eco friendly brand, you can help make a difference by protecting the future of the oceans.

Their collection features reasonably priced wave necklaces, turtle bracelets, shark tooth earrings and whale tail rings. Follow them on Instagram @atoleajewelry.

Whale tail ring by Atolea €22.95

3. Cosmic Boulevard

Cosmic Boulevard is an Irish fine jewelry brand of ethically handcrafted pieces inspired by music, art, history and the cosmos. The entire collection is designed and created by Sinead Murphy in her Dublin workshop. She works primarily with recycled metals and ethically sourced stones, something she feels very strongly about promoting within the industry. She incorporates ancient techniques such as lost wax casting and hand engraving with traditional goldsmith skills.

Amongst the eye-catching, celestial collection is the ‘Evil Eye’ pendant in both silver and gold, ‘Age of Aquaria’ sterling silver star earrings, ‘Juliet’s Moon’ bracelet and ‘Home Planet Night Sky Opal’ rings in silver and gold. Follow them on Instagram @cosmic_boulevard.

Age of Aquaria silver earrings by Cosmic Boulevard €90

4. Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore was founded around core values of defense of the ocean and preservation of marine resources. This sustainable jewelry brand is on a mission to be kind and humane to the planet by using only fair trade and recycled metals. Washed Ashore also use post-consumer recycled gems and diamonds from vintage pieces. These are then upcycled and incorporated into new jewelry designs. This method limits the use of newly mined materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The stunning collection includes the Ira necklace which is goddess worthy, Alana pearl and gold earrings and the Oceania ring. Follow them on Instagram @getwashedashore.

Luna bracelet by Washed Ashore €245

5. Inner Island

Inner Island is a contemporary Irish jewelry brand launched in April 2015 by jeweler, Gemma O’Leary. All pieces in her collection are ethically handcrafted by skilled silversmiths in Ireland using the ancient art of metalworking and combining it with modern technologies. Finely crafted using a simple but modern design, you are sure to find statement jewelry that will inspire and delight!

Stand out pieces include the Lacuna long necklace, the Namara ring and the Ammil long earrings. Follow them on Instagram @inner.island.

Lacuna long necklace by Inner Island €110

Next time you shop for jewelry, make the smart choice by investing in ethically handcrafted brands. Not only will you be purchasing something of high quality but you will also be limiting your impact on the environment. Make a statement this spring by embracing fair trade, sustainable fashion!

Thank you for reading!

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