What Are the Clear Indications That You’re Successful in Life?

Success that you conveniently ignore.

Rahul Anand
Mar 4 · 6 min read

How to be successful? What does being successful mean? Let’s discuss the idea from a view that doesn’t relate to money as the sole driver of a successful life.

Yes, the whole idea of success varies for everyone. With all the stress, anxiety, and mounting pressure from each corner of life, there are some clear indicators reflecting success that you conveniently ignore.

Your bank account is plush with money. Yes, you may call yourself successful and wealthy for sure. One clear sign that you’re successful in life is through money and the surplus of it. Success equals money, power, and fame if nothing more.

We’ve been drilled into this concept through our schools, cinema, and just about everything you put your mind or eyes on. We undermine our scenario and the current situation. We look up to wealthy people with hordes of money in the bank and tag them way more successful than we are.

Mind you- we only factor in the money while life has more to it. Yes, money is critical and puts food on the table, but you can choose the table type and food.

Treat money, fame, and power as the outcome of something you do that completes you as they help in your quest to find happiness by providing the desired flexibility to put more into what you love. Your passions, learning, and relationships dictate success in life.

The Problem

Our idea of success limits our beliefs to a certain extent. We view successful people as the epitome of everything that success defines. So, when we presume Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, we purely view them through the rewards they reap through their achievements.

We cringe and feel they received all this fame served on a platter.

What we miss- that their fame and wealth are a direct outcome of them pursuing something they loved and believed. People measure their success by the money they make or the group that they are associated with and compared.

Your material possessions and reality can count as success, but they alone do not makeup or fall under the realm of a successful life. Identifying the crucial aspects of success can empower you to assess your life, allowing you to unite while also laying the groundwork for further self-improvement.

Clear indications you are successful in life

You treat people well regardless of their social status or utility. The way you treat others regardless of their social status is the highest form of success. What’s a success if it doesn’t bring about the basic etiquette of living and respecting others.

The ability to respect and empathize with those around you shows you are experiencing a successful and well-balanced life, more so when applied to those who you consider lower in status. Successful people believe in equality and respect without discriminating against social status or utility to be derived out of someone.

I quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe here:

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

Yes, you may have tons of money and fame, but missing life basics like respect and equality doesn’t put you up there.

If you are at peace with yourself

True peace breeds happiness. If you practice inner peace, then joy is an outcome. Even when you have nothing else but peace, you can be happy. Fame, money, possessions, and power combined won’t bring any happiness if you miss peace in life.

People have often misconstrued the thought. A peaceful and satisfying life is far better and more fulfilling than a life full of possessions but devoid of happiness.

We may have invented robots and AI, but aren’t we the ones living like machines? We want more and more every day. Nothing satisfies us, and we don’t even care. Life becomes a constant struggle since everybody is in a quest for a better future, while the present moment is the one you can control. We wait for the perfect time to make peace and happiness, oblivious to the fact that all we have is now. Success is finding peace in life. Everything else is just a mirage.

If you can embrace rejection and failure

Rejections and failure happen to all of us. Successful people pick themselves up and move on. They embrace rejection and failure as a part of the process. It may sound philosophical and cliched, but they teach you lessons critical for growth as an individual.

Your success depends on your reactions to failures and rejections. The way you respond decides the course of life. For any story to be successful, the fear of failure has to go away. Once we welcome these nemeses as a part of life and accept them for their lessons, we gain a new perspective on life. People with massive success climb atop a string of multiple failures in the past.

After all, they only show us we are trying. It can also bring the best out of us in terms of creativity since we now tackle our shortcomings through an innovative approach.

If you are always there for people close to you

It seems such a trivial aspect these days. Everybody seems to be in a hurry because of our endless worries. We live in a bubble of our imaginations. Everything that can or will help us or be of utility finds space in our head, and the rest gets overlooked.

In this unflinching thirst for things that may help us, we ignore the people close to us. Our entire world revolves around us. We are always making excuses for friends and families for the time we can't spare for them.

What is a success if you are not there for your family and friends when they need you the most? They may not highlight this often, but have you stopped and enquired ever?

We want success, money, and power. We want people to know our worth, but we cannot address issues close to us, and no matter how much we gain, we never seem to have enough of things.

Be there for your friends and family when they need you, for that reflects genuine success.

If you are a giver

Yes, do you consider yourself a giver, or you are always asking for more? No feeling compares with the sheer joy of giving. It comforts others and ourselves as well. In this greedy world, where receiving and gaining is a norm, become a giver.

It has the power to change things; there is no limit to giving. We are so stuck on material things that we lose sight of our purpose.

The thing is, we all have the power to give, irrespective of our financial situations. Your success equals the return you make to society. Offering help, support, or even money to make someone’s life better is the purest form of success.

Smile at someone, buy someone a meal, give when not asked for, and witness the world changing around you.

Success doesn’t equal your propensity to consume or gain; it is what you can offer or give back.

If you are out of the comparison trap and mind your own business

Tell me something better than this. It’s a simple principle of doing your own thing and not worrying a bit about the world. The world may do something extraordinary or shit, who cares if you find purpose within your life.

Someone always has more money, a better job, a better car, or better grades. Always keep it simple and be concerned about what you are doing and where you intend to reach. Once you reach this dangerous level of self-satisfaction, nothing can hinder your growth. That’s genuine success for you.

If you are not the money controlled one

Money makes my world go round, and it is something I crave and blah blah blah, and this is how it plays inside our heads.

Yes, we need to put food on the table, buy clothes and have bills to pay. The natural outcome for the desires is more money, and while the idea of having more of it seems absolute bliss, at what price are you willing to earn that extra income?

Are you willing to put your life and everything around it at stake for the sake of earning more? Is money your absolute goal rather than being driven by the sheer passion of doing something you adore?

If you will let go of everything else, focusing only on earnings to meet expenses and purchases you don’t need, you are letting money control you.

Part of being successful is experiencing life as is.

Thanks for reading.

Published originally on my personal blog https://thewriterhead.com/

The Cure is you

A mix of creativity, self- actualization, curiosity to help you live a better life

Rahul Anand

Written by

Reading and writing fanatic from the rare species who prefer rest in peace to RIP. ||Spiritual seeker||. https://thewriterhead.com/. Use your energy to believe.

The Cure is you

The cure is knowledge, life stories and ideas to help you live a more fulfilled life

Rahul Anand

Written by

Reading and writing fanatic from the rare species who prefer rest in peace to RIP. ||Spiritual seeker||. https://thewriterhead.com/. Use your energy to believe.

The Cure is you

The cure is knowledge, life stories and ideas to help you live a more fulfilled life

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