The Curious Skeptic Newsletter | Volume I Edition II

Monday, August 20, 2018 — Sunday, September 2, 2018

Good afternoon, friends! Hope you are all having a fulfilling and intellectually engaging day! Thank you so much for following The Curious Skeptic. Those who are not yet following my publication, please do! I am confident that you will find its stories engaging, thought-provoking, and artfully written.

The Curious Skeptic is a publication with a mission. A mission that underlies all published works, a mission that infiltrates everything that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the consistent and timely execution of the publication. Ultimately, it is a mission of the mind.

A mission to stimulate and engage the mind in such a way that our understanding of the world around us is enhanced, rather than compromised. Who would want to compromise our understanding? Several media organizations. Simply take a look around. Peruse the various media platforms, ranging from television, newspapers, and radio to magazines, websites, and social media — then make a tally of those you consider credible. Most likely, there will be a difference in the number of credible sources and the number of total sources.

As for the media sources that didn’t make your list, and therefore lack credibility, it’s not that their intentions are inherently bad. In fact, most of these publications probably genuinely believe that they are making a positive contribution to society. Perhaps their mission gets lost in translation, or perhaps they are misguided in their journalistic efforts. Whatever the explanation, their “news reporting” more strongly resembles a tabloid than a reputable news source.

Sadly, the prevalence of such information sources has skyrocketed with the revolution of the internet — hardly a recent innovation, but in the grand scheme of time, it’s new. So how can we eradicate the influence of these sources? Fight back. Arm ourselves with intellectual combat weapons such as evidence-based research, critical thinking, and a genuine open-mindedness.

Which is precisely what I hope to accomplish with The Curious Skeptic. As such, it is a publication founded on critical thinking, well-researched writing, and genuine curiosity — perhaps the greatest indicator of academic, personal, and professional success, contrary to popular belief that intelligence (particularly IQ) holds that place — as well as deliberate intrapersonal reflection.

It would follow that The Curious Skeptic covers a broad range of topics — from philosophy, ethics, and culture to science, history, language, and art. Likewise, perspectives are diverse and writing styles vary greatly. Perhaps the only quality that all pieces share is their capacity to stimulate intellectual curiosity. Currently, The Curious Skeptic is accepting new writers! Feel free to check out the submission guidelines to determine whether your writing aligns with what we publish. In the meantime, satiate your intellectual curiosity with the latest reads that were selected for Editor’s Choice.

Editor’s Choice

A delightful and insightful read that emphasizes the psychological and neurological mechanisms that drive our human desire for pleasure. Our newest addition to The Curious Skeptic, Erman Misirlisoy capitalizes on a background of neuroscience and evidence-based scientific research to evaluate the fascinating phenomenon of happiness.

A Nigerian native tackles the social norm of marriage through an evaluation of gender roles using a lens of the film Acrimony.

Christina Hausauer challenges the norm of smartphone addiction that has infiltrated our society, taking it to another level when she invites friends over for dinner parties that prohibit cell phone use. Bold, yet refreshing!

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