Pagan references in Jane Austen’s novels?

The British Regency period had some interesting festivities.

View from above of a wooden table with the book “Pride and prejudice” open on the title page, next to a porcelain tea cup and saucer filled with rose petals. The table is decorated with dried roses and leaves.
Photo by Elaine Howlin on Unsplash

I have recently read properly and for the first time Sense & Sensibility. The film adaptation (1995) has always been one of my favourite movies: the contrast between sisters Elinor and Marianne, is one of the best portrayals of the philosophical and eternal debate between reason and emotion…




The Curiouser Reader is a publication that explores ideas from books, reflective reviews, the thought-provoking topics covered in them, often going into wonderlands and rabbit holes.

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Isabel Abril

Isabel Abril

Librarian and freelance writer 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 Diagnosed ADHD. Intersectional feminist, vegan & ally. Away with the fairies but rooted in facts. She/her @Bryn_abril

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