Be Pulled By Your True Self

At any given time, we are either being pulled or pushed. When we’re pushed, we have little to no say where we end up.

We’re are at the mercy of whatever is doing the pushing i.e. people, work demands, bills, responsibilities, stress, bad habits, materialism, etc.

The first 1/3 of my life was spent being pushed.

Pushed by people’s opinions of me.
Pushed by social pressures.
Pushed by cultural and dogmatic religious expectations.
Pushed by a false desire to belong.

Now, for the second 1/3 of my life, I’m choosing to be pulled more.

Pulled by intuition and inspiration.
Pulled by love and compassion and generosity.
Pulled by creativity and imagination.
Pulled by dreams and nature and laughter.

When we choose to be pulled, we’re choosing to live from the inside out.

We’re choosing to draw strength from the realm of the soul instead of the muggy swamplands of the ego.

When we’re pulled, we open up to the divine flow — to the way things were meant to unfold for us.

Take a look around. Are you being pushed?

If so, there will never be a better time to surrender to the pull of your True Self than right now.

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