Being Somewhere Out In The Middle Of Nowhere

Isolation Can Be A Magical Thing

Being out here in the middle of nowhere has a way of making me feel like I’m somewhere.

Not so much in the physical sense but definitely in the creative, ethereal sense.

Like, I have sporadic WiFi, these images aren’t uploading, my text messages are stuck in cell service purgatory, the nearest Walmart is 45 minutes away, but I’m okay because I’m experiencing God in every bit of oxygen I’m inhaling and in the chirping of the songbirds and in the breeze that rides the undulations of the land.

Isolation can be a magical thing sometimes can’t it?

It rips us away from the grip of convention. From what our five senses are accustomed to assimilating and places us in a space where we can explore our authentic self.

It’s in these rare moments of the soul being marooned in its own little island, separated and unaffected by the usual demands of the modern world, that we’re granted clarity of mind, insight into higher thinking, and a wild freedom to create.

When we set ourselves apart this way, we occupy the space normally filled by hypocrisy and self-interest and greed and other ego-originated impulses with inspiration, gratitude, and grace.

So when you have the chance, set yourself apart for a while. Seek refuge in the nowhere. You might just find yourself somewhere.

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