Celebrate Your Inner Freedoms

I was gonna write this post yesterday on the 4th of July but I changed my mind.

Freedom is a glorious thing, especially when you’re raised by Cuban immigrants who regularly shared stories about the atrocities of Fidel Castro (the ones you never heard about) and life lived under his iron fist.

Freedom carries a bit more weight for people who know what not having freedom is like.

It means a little more.

It runs a little deeper.

It courses a little thicker in one’s veins.

It reaches down deep, infusing the soul — rejuvenating it.

When I’m around people like my grandparents, immigrants who risked it all to give their families a taste of real life, it reminds me of just how deeply engrained into the human DNA freedom really is.

We were made to be free. And not just in the physical and social sense but free in every area that comprises our being.

We are…

Free to be happy.
Free to love.
Free to create whatever stirs up in our hearts.
Free to dream.
Free to believe.
Free to think.
Free to imagine.
Free to feel.

As a first generation American, I’m totally grateful for my national freedom and celebrating it like we do every 4th of July is a wonderful thing.

But we should also learn to celebrate these inherent, inner freedoms we have that no matter where we are in the world, no matter what political system we find ourselves under, no one can take them away from us.

These are the real freedoms that will draw us closer and closer to one another.

Happy 5th of July!

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