Chasing The Laser Pointer Lights Of Human Opinion

How many of you have ever driven your pet completely mad with one of those laser pointer lights?

It’s the funniest thing, isn’t it?

No matter how elusive the red dot is, that poor animal will chase after it until the end of time if it has to. They’ll chase it up the walls, underneath the tables, fly off the couch, even spin in circles.

The animal becomes completely spellbound by the laser light. Nothing else exists but that annoying little red dot that has invaded its precious space.

In a way, we aren’t that different from our pets.

We homo sapiens have our own laser lights to deal with. And ours are slipperier, more shifty than the ones our K9 and feline friends go nuts over.

From the cradle, before the age of proper reasoning, modern society and it’s unashamed ego-centrism, has drilled into our skulls the value of seeking out people’s opinions.

We’ll do pirouettes and back-flips and cartwheels and figure eights and bellyflops for someone’s good opinion.

And why shouldn’t we?

We were made to believe that we’ll be loved, honored, and respected if we live in this subdivision and attend this school and learn this skill and purchase this device and join this club and write this way and take this course and drink this beer and follow this political party.

Far too many people are living less than ideal realities — even as they read this post — because they sought out the falsely affirming opinions of others.

The job that we totally despise right now, that wasn’t even in the same ballpark of the type of work we wanted to do growing up, was implanted into our brains by someones unwarranted opinion. “You know, I could totally see you working as a XYZ.”

We chased the red laser light right into a job interview, then chased it right into a job offer, then chased it again into a situation we’ve been trying to get out of for a dozen years.

Here’s my advice on all this…

Run your life tone deaf to opinion. And if you can’t completely shut it out, try to lower the volume at least.

Like that house pet, you’ll drive yourself insane seeking the good opinion of others. And on top of that, you’ll end up somewhere, doing something, that lacks the soul enriching components we were all born to feel.

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