Creativity Sets The Captives Free

Pursuing our creative calling is a big deal.

Finding it and then sharing it? Well, this is downright dangerous. The dark forces of the status quo place prices on people’s heads for such a thing.

But this is what we do right?

Whether we’re experienced or newly minted creatives, our aim is pretty straightforward:

• Create
• Make public
• Break some rules
• Spark some interest
• Engage an audience
• Influence opinion
• Earn loyalty
• Grow

Okay, maybe it’s not so straightforward.

However, there is one more role that I would include on that list.

Setting people free.

Yes, creative work can set people free. Liberate them.
It might sound a little on the pretentious side but who cares. It set me free so what’s to stop me from standing on a rooftop and yelling it at the top of my lungs like some wild mountain man?

“Creative work set me free!”

It probably set you free too. In fact, I’m sure it did.

Think about it, were you overwhelmingly pleased with life before you started down this creative or entrepreneurial path?

Probably not.

This is why you’re here expending time, energy, and mental bandwidth to give your passion wings.

Think back to how your life was before you started stepping outside of your creative comfort zone.

Did you feel out of place at work?

In life?

Were you frustrated most of the times?

Did you used to drift at various points throughout the day into some whimsical fantasy world where you actually lived a life that mattered?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Now come back to the present for a second and think about how your life is currently. Sure, you might not be where you want to be. It might not look like what you pictured in that “whimsical fantasy” of yours, but you’re making moves. Ideas have leaped into the material world. Dreams are becoming real life moments.

That drive of yours is stronger than ever. You’re printing. You’re pressing send. You’re uploading. You’re connecting. You’re at it every day. Who cares if you don’t fit the mold. A small few are noticing. Word is spreading some. But beyond all of this, your fire is burning. And name me someone this side of the galaxy that can put that sucker out?

If this sounds like you, even remotely, then maybe… just maybe, you’ve been set free my friend.

Now, before you go and give yourself a pat on the back please understand that you didn’t do it on your own. No one ever does.

The credit goes to the writer, musician, blogger, mentor, pastor, teacher, parent, entrepreneur, guru, or social media personality who at some point along the course of your life pulled back the curtain enough to give you a peek into a new dimension.

Like inhaling fresh oxygen after being underwater for too long.

They downloaded into you a higher perspective, new optics, setting you free from the old world.

Our freedom comes through an elevated perspective.

“Wait a minute. If she can do it, so can I!”

“I’m where he was and now look at him.”

We start to see the possibilities through a fresh set of eyes. This is the real freedom we’ve been given as creatives, entrepreneurs, seekers, believers, innovators, etc.

We’ve raised, if even a little, the vibration by which we see our world, nothing is a obstacle, everything is an open door.

This is freedom. No matter where you find yourself chronologically on this creative journey.

So, don’t think of your craft, whether its writing or woodwork, poetry or missionary outreach, event coordinating or software programming, as merely a medium by which you can gain market share or likes or subscribers or book deals or sales orders or speaking engagements.

Think of it as a vehicle that can transport your audience somewhere. Something that can heighten their perspective, change their optics.

Don’t just create to fill a space. Create with the intent to reciprocate the freedom that you’ve been given.

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