Embrace Not Knowing How Things Will Turn Out

I can’t think of a better way to keep one’s mind sharp and plugged into the current of life than creating from a place of unknowing.

I get it. Not having a clear direction or plan of action can be terrifying. We tend to not mesh well with ambiguity.

We want clarity. A vision of the future. We want to know the end from the beginning. This our way of controlling the unraveling of life.

But this fixation with knowing siphons from the splendor of our human experience.

So what if you don’t know where this passion of yours will lead you. Or where your new relationship will end up. Or if your career choice will forge the future you’ve been dreaming of.

Embrace not knowing how things will turn out. Latch on to it and never let go.

This is how we unseat the rational self and amplify our creative self.

I’m down with that. You?

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