Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds

Finally Showing The Outside World Your Inside World

I’ve always had, as my middle and high school teachers used to say, an active imagination.

I remember during my little league games standing in the on-deck circle and imagining myself stepping up to the plate and slugging the pitch over the center-field fence.

It felt so real. To the extent that I’d often need someone to holler from the bleachers or the dugout to pull my head out of the sky.

Sadly, those imaginary episodes rarely ever manifested into the external world (I never did hit that home run).

Chances are you had similar experiences growing up. And if you’re like me, you’re still somewhat chained to the clouds.

We close our eyes from time to time and world-build with our imagination, forging empires as if we were in one of those role-playing video games.

We envision larger homes, profitable businesses, writing bestselling novels, mass producing our invention, visiting exotic locales, investing in other people’s ideas, doing meaningful work, and giving back to society.

Inside of our brain there’s a parallel universe of our own making.

This imaginary construct is so compelling that we prefer to stay living in our heads rather than creating an equally impressive reality on the outside.

This is the temptation of imagination.

This is why some many people nowadays procrastinate on their dreams.

They prefer to create within the security of their imagination where no one can judge them or reject their art.

In a way, this makes perfect sense. After all, the universe inside of us is instantaneously constructed and organized. It’s a govern-less reality. There is no elbow grease or work permits or criticism or money or partnerships or gray hairs or long nights or debt.

Inside, we build what we want, how we want it, and when we want it.

So if this internal world we’ve created is so wonderful why not just keep it that way?

Because none of it matters if it doesn’t interact with the outside world.

That’s what life is all about.

Clearly, it’s easier and less risky harboring the vision of our ideal life in the privacy of our own head.

But how does this light the world on fire? How does a vision locked away in our minds eye bridge the way for those who need your idea to realize their own?

The world needs you to hand over that artist sheltered away inside of the gray chambers of your mind.

It needs that business endeavor, that MBA, that ministry, that book of short stories, that woodworking shop, that travel blog, that cake decorating Youtube channel.

There’s no denying that externalizing what we’ve conveniently tucked away in the clouds of our imagination can be arduous and slippery and undeniably horrifying. But if we don’t start now then when will we start?

Actually, here’s a better question to ask…

Does our fear of starting what we’ve already realized internally outweigh the regret we will undoubtedly feel later on?

I think all of us know the answer to this.

So, go on now. Get your head out of the clouds and get started.

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