Going Through Hell Is An Art Form

How do some people go on after watching their soulmate slowly die from a terminal illness?

How do people heal after being the long standing punching bag of an abusive husband?

How do we carry on with life after finding out our estranged father still wants nothing to do with us?

To snatch a line from “This Is Us”,

“How do we take the sourest lemon life has to offer and turn it into something resembling lemonade?”

It’s hard to find anything remotely close to meaning in suffering, isn’t it?

Which is why I’m convinced that being able to make something of your life after going through a personal hell is an art form.

It takes every ounce of our innate creative power to find solace and then use that pain as the fuel for our next big life move.

We have this tremendous latent power inside of each of us.

Power to stop our souls from bleeding out.

Power to choose how we’re going to counter-punch the hay-makers life throws at us.

Power to transform what many would consider misfortunes into opportunities to create something better than before.

Just think, many of the world’s great artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and tinkerers found their initial spark after going through something they never wanted to go through.

In the thick of the agony, they found a fuse line, struck a match, and lit their life on fire.

They took something that should have ended them and used it as a mechanism to create a better future for themselves and others.

They found their art in their suffering.

Pain doesn’t have to remain pain. That’s just one of those silly little lies of the rational mind.

You have a choice, after a natural grieving period, to redefine your heartache. To make it the impetus for the artist that came to life inside of you.

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