The World Is Our Origami

Giving Dimension To The Shapeless.

My son loves origami. Actually, that’s probably an understatement. He’s obsessed with origami.

I didn’t always think so, but in this stage of his life the paper-folding pastime is good for him. A creative outlet.

Sometimes, when he’s not looking, I peek around the corner of his bedroom and quietly watch him with admiration as he sits there enthralled in his work. Folding and creasing with the meticulousness of a brain surgeon.

Every movement — slow, precise, and deliberate.

No scissors, no glue, just his creativity, his fingers, and the paper.

Turning what was once a natureless, two dimensional object into something with depth and height and discernible properties.

Something that actually takes up space in the outer world.

This is the true direction our passions should takes us.

A place where the primary motive for doing what we do isn’t some external reward — money, fame, readership, title, etc. — but to give dimension to otherwise dimensionless ideas and dreams and imaginations.

This is how we avoid living a flat, empty life.

The world is our origami paper. What folds and creases are you gonna give it?

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