Success Starts In The Head, Then The Heart

When you start something, anything, and you’re already thinking about how bad it’s going to fail, guess what?

It’s going to fail.

Unless, of course, you change the way you think.

Failure and self-doubt and fear and all of the other baddies we encounter in our quest for meaning are powerless in and of themselves.

To be effective, they require one thing.

Our attention.

Everything that we rant and rave about.

Everything that we swear is the reason why we screw-up.

Everything that we can’t seem to get over.

All of it is given permission to rule over us the second we choose to give it unmerited mental real estate.

Your zero-return passion project won’t get off the ground until you’ve redirected your attention away from your past mistakes.
Your book will never ship as long as your head is occupied with reasons why it won’t.
Your relationship will slowly decay as long as you keep comparing it to your last one.

Success, in all areas, is first a head thing. Then a heart thing.

Not the other way around.

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