Thank You Failure!

Where did I go wrong?

How did this thing derail the way that it did? There were no warning signs. Everything was looking good. Things were moving right along.

In fact, it was better than we had expected.

But then, like a rogue wave, we’re broadsided and the whole thing falls apart.

We didn’t bank on the novel getting bad reviews. Or the love of our life becoming emotionally unavailable. Or our store getting gobbled up by the big box retailer.

The ego is infatuated with outcomes which is why it’ll always deflect responsibility away from itself after a failure.

It’ll make all sorts of excuses or find someone or something to blame or complain about some illusory injustice.

“This is all his fault.”

“I warned her that it wouldn’t work out.”

“I didn’t have the right team.”

This is all dead space — time spent wasting mental bandwidth on unproductive thinking.

A better option would be to go into every pursuit with our eyes fixed on the present.

Seeing each moment as a plank on a bridge that leads to somewhere — somewhere we aren’t interested in until it arrives.

The outcome, the goal is immaterial, future fluff. Don’t pay that much attention to it.

Sure, every now and then take a peek at it just to make sure you’re still on track, but don’t idolize the darn thing.

We need to distance ourselves from the ego and it’s influence and operate out of the True Self where there are no attachments to the future or to recognition or to outcomes, only to the present moment.

That’s the place where peace can be found in knowing that we did the work and we did it well.

Where failure isn’t seen as a reflection of our value as humans but as an initiator of growth and a starter of fires.

So, welcome failure. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say we should be thankful for it.

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