The Deep Waters Of Creative Freedom

Many of us second guess embarking into the creative sphere because we’re too afraid of those cunning, fleshy, two-legged omnivores that live all around us — people.

We worry that they won’t get it. That they won’t see it the way we see it in our mind’s eye.

That our choice of creative expression is too unconventional, too “out-there” for the town we live in or the family we grew up in or the religion we were brought up in.

So we stand there at the fork, divided.

Half of us wants to cave-in on itself from yet another attempt at creating a better future smashed to smithereens by our fears.

While the other half is itching to unleash creative mayhem on the world despite the possible blowback from our inner circle.

Do you know which way to go?

Look, you’ve tried the safe, easy-on-the-stomach life before.

Yeah, you scaled a few foothills, but at the first sign of danger you retreated back into your hobbit hole and chucked your creative dreams in some shoe box in the back corner of your closet.

You’ve inhaled the second-hand monotony of those around you for far too long.

You’ve lived out of your head, as opposed to living out of your heart, and you have nothing, besides some material belongings, to show for it.

You’ve fogged vision after vision with you’re self-doubt and over-dependency to public opinion.

So, now is the time to make a radical departure. This time, you’re following through.

This time, you’re not settling for smallness.

This time, you’re idea will unravel and spread out and take up more space than ever before.

You’ll write or carve or design or paint or compose or produce or draw with a glint in your eye and an enthusiasm immune to extrinsic and intrinsic pessimism.

This time, you’ll shake off the dust from your past failures and, with revitalized vision, cast your net in the deep waters of real creative freedom.

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