The Emotional Kaleidoscope Of Fear

At the start of anything — a new job, a new relationship, a new business venture, a new exercise routine— our fears are often magnified in our thoughts.

Most of the worries we have about this new experience are baseless, manufactured by outdated memories we haven’t been able to move passed.

We see the whole endeavor through an emotional kaleidoscope of past experiences and unresolved conflicts and setbacks and humiliations and traumas and religious dogma and cultural bias.

Starting today, rather than encapsulating ourselves in these illusory fears and allowing them to sabotage the whole deal, maybe we can find a way to steer our attention away from them.

There’s a lot of virtue in sitting there at the shoreline of our conscious mind and deliberately detach ourselves from our usual, worn-out, fear-based thinking.

Imagine being set free from your past.

Imagine the power and the self-confidence you’d have to take on a new chapter in your life.

Imagine how alive you would feel without the heavy baggage of twenty year old memories.

Imagine the shine on your soul without the presence of fear lurking around every corner.

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