The Inner Room Of The Soul

Become a master at letting go of thoughts that lead you to self-doubt, anxiety, and frustration.

And if you can’t find a way to let go, close your eyes and enter into your room. I know it sounds backwards but I’m not talking about your master bedroom here, I’m talking about that solitary place inside of you.

The inner room of our soul where we find rest and quietude and stillness.

That space where our soul touches the Divine. Where reasoning and logic and fear and selfishness are outlawed.

It’s in this room where we can hear the healing hum of silence.

I realized that the best way to start my day is by entering into this inner room and surrendering control of my life to Spirit.

Once I do that, the anxieties and stresses and frustrations of the dualistic ego-mind lose their power over me.

Try it for yourself. It’s only a breath away.

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