The Real Practice Of Faith

The word “religion” carries along with it so much baggage, doesn’t it?

By religion, I’m talking about the religion that distorts scripture and wields it to justify things like sexism and racism and materialism and dualism and nationalism and all of the other “-ism’s” that our ego feeds off of.

True religion or spirituality or faith or whatever other names you might have for it, is inclusive. It doesn’t divide, categorize, compartmentalize, or isolate.

It has nothing to do with following archaic rules or offering sacrifices or genuflecting to a supreme being up in the clouds somewhere in order to get in right standing.

For me, the practice of faith has less to do with outward, pious practices, and more to do with an inner awakening to the common union (communion) we all share as human beings.

It’s about seeing and feeling and sharing and experiencing God in those outside of your tribe, not just those in it.

This is how we stop the circulation of those toxic “-ism’s”.

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