The Wonderment Of Nonsense

The inside of this little yogurt place smelled like chicken teriyaki.

“Large mango smoothie with extra boba?!” shouted one of the baristas.

I was invited by a coworker who swore up and down they had the best food that side of town.

“Japanese beef bowl?!”

The place was popping, in a strange, out-of-body experience sort of way.

Overhead there was reggae music competing with the sounds of whirring blenders, sizzling woks, knives chopping, a slamming register, clanging silverware, chattering diners, and the order-barking waitresses, or whatever you call someone who serves yogurt and hibachi-style Japanese food in a restaurant with reggae music playing.

“Avocado salad?!”

There was nowhere to sit. All of the bamboo laminated tables and green bean bags were taken.

Everybody was in their own little universe and evidently I was the only one wondering how reggae, sushi, Japanese food, yogurt, bean bags, and bamboo go together.

Why did this place leave me so shocked? Am I losing my hipness? Am I that out of touch with pop culture?

Wait a minute — am I getting…old?

Despite my bewilderment, this little smorgasbord seemed to work — proven by the line that went out the door.

“Spicy tuna roll with miso soup?!

Our brain is constantly grasping for coherence. It wants to make sense of everything — all of the time — no matter what.

But when we encounter a situation or an event or an idea that doesn’t “make sense”, that totally defies coherence and violates our logic, our first response is to rationalize it to death because it doesn’t fit into the false reality we’ve created through the years.

With time, this habit of mentally killing off the nonsensical, that which falls outside of our expectations and small thinking, robs us of opportunities meant to bring to life our deeper, more creative, true self.

Here’s a challenge, try putting away your biases for structure and normalcy and predictability.

Rather than pushing away everything that doesn’t fit into your logical mind, see if you can catch on to the underlying message of those nonsensical moments.

There’s always a message.

What nugget of wisdom can you find in the strange and weird and absurd? So what if you don’t “get it”. Celebrate it. Take it in. Give it time to sizzle a little in your intuitive mind.

Hey, you might just come up with a banging new idea for a restaurant. How about Greek food with Irish inspired decor and a live mariachi?

Okay, maybe not.

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