When Plans Are Shattered Into A Millions Pieces

I want you to close your eyes for a second.

(Well, wait until you’re done reading this.)

Now think about the last time you came up with a really good idea. Something you knew could propel you forward in life.

I’m talking, you planned this thing out. You exerted vast amounts of energy to see its fruition. And had it given way, you would’ve been in a completely better place financially or emotionally or spiritually, shoot…physically even.

This could’ve been…

An idea that had all the potential in the world.
A business opportunity that could skyrocket your household income.
A surefire investment.
A creative project that no one has ever tried before.
A internship with the top company in your city.

So, did you think about it? Good.

Now, two more questions.

Did it turn out as you had planned? Or did it fall apart?

I think it’s safe to say that most plans fail to reach their prime.

It’s sad — I know first hand. Many times over, in fact.

We get these cinematic scenes to play out in our heads of how our plans will turn out. We see the bright sights. We hear the loud noise. We feel the atmospherics.

No doubt, we envision our life after having shepherded a lonely idea into the material plane, following through with its conception, and finally its ceremonious unraveling.

But then, as if the entire cosmos came together and threw a collective uppercut at us, our plans are smashed into a million indiscernible little pieces, never to be put back together.

All of our hope goes running toward the hills like a frightened prairie dog. And that scene we had playing out in our brain of the future we planned for suddenly goes black.

Here’s the thing, there are no lifehacks on avoiding the unexpected.

I’ll even venture to say that the unexpected is a vital element in the DNA of human experience.

And knowing this, we shouldn’t feel like we have to rush back into the hustle looking for a Plan B. Sometimes a failed plan is life’s way of realigning us to our true path.

Take the time to find your footing again. Regroup yourself. Recollect your faculties. Reel back in all of the energy you put out and centralize it for a while.

Take down all of the internal deadlines you gave yourself.

Stop for a while and heal. Let yourself breathe for a time. Cry if you need to.

But, when you get a chance, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself,

“You’re not defeated. Life isn’t finished with you yet.”

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