Your Art Was Meant To Live In Other People

You know those unexpected moments where all of your creative elbow grease, bloodshed and scar tissue finally yields a result?

After months, maybe even years, someone noticed what you bring to the universal table.

Sure, it might not have come in the form or to the extent that you had anticipated but you’re friggin’ happy that at least something came of it.

That all of the right-brained juice you pumped out from within every fiber of your being wasn’t spilling into the digital wasteland after all.

Now, I know there’s virtue in doing what we do for the love of it.

I get that there will always be the — “It’s my passion and even if I were the only person on Earth, I’d still do it.” — crowd.

But it’s only human nature to eventually want to go beyond that mode of thinking and share your work with the rest of Earth’s citizens.

Creation is eager to see the revealing of your unique genius.

And when you finally uncork and spill over into the world, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating those glorious moments when your art finds another soul to live in besides your own.

Keep creating friends.

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