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Customer Success resources you’re not taking advantage of, but should

If you’re a Customer Success professional, sometimes it can be difficult finding substantial assets that will help you learn new things and understand complex topics to be successful. Read on to find out what resources you’re probably not taking advantage of, but need to be!


Whether you enjoy reading straight from a page yourself or prefer to hit the play button and listen to someone read to you, books are a useful resource for understanding different foundational theories of Customer Success. This is an awesome activity to do with your Customer Success team to continue their learning and education — especially for people who are avid readers. Our Customer Success team read a highly recommended book and held book club meetings every other week to have group discussions about what was covered in recent chapters. Side note: if your team is struggling with self-confidence or attitude, sharing a reading experience is a great way to boost or maintain high morale!


Hosting or attending a meetup is a great way to talk with other Customer Success professionals face-to-face. Meetups are organized events where people who have similar interests can get together and interact. If you’re in the Customer Success field, chances are there’s a Customer Success meetup organized near you and you don’t even know it. These meetups are great for networking, socializing with other professionals, learning about the field, and sharing ideas. It’s also a great group activity for you and your team; if you need a change of scenery, carpool with your Customer Success team to the nearest meetup for some out-of-office learning.


For people who learn by listening, podcasts are the perfect way to have entertainment playing in the background while learning something. There are various podcasts dedicated strictly to Customer Success you can listen to, but many companies have also started to occupy the podcast space with their own content. It may be worth checking to see if a business you admire has started a podcast and, if they have, scroll through to see if they have any that may be related to Customer Success. Some of us at BombBomb enjoy listening to the SaaStr podcast and are waiting with anticipation for our very own BombBomb podcast to start!


There’s a reason this social media platform is promoted — because it encourages professionals in the same industry to be connected in and out of the workplace. LinkedIn is a great resource to use if you are looking for information about Customer Success or things like best practices, solutions, consulting, reading material, etc. LinkedIn also has forums dedicated to Customer Success where you can engage with others and have meaningful discussions. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for advice, as many people are apt to share their own Customer Success experiences. Additionally, you can join groups, connect with other professionals, take educational courses, build your professional online identity, and much more.


These require travel and a lot of planning, but conferences are a great way to meet up with other Customer Success professionals and gain new perspectives on how others are making this field work for them. Conferences are all-day events and you’ll spend a couple days in the Customer Success headspace, which is extremely helpful when brainstorming with others and engaging with other people in the industry. They may be costly when it comes to sending numerous people, but you don’t need to send your whole team; send a few members and then have them come back and debrief the rest of the team on what they learned. Some of our favorite conferences have been SaaStr, CS 100, and Pulse.

We see the same Customer Success educational material used over and over, but these are some available resources most of us don’t take enough advantage of. What other low-profile but successful resources are you or your Customer Success team using?