Corporate Social Responsibility: Should We Bother?

The quest for corporate social responsibility goes on. In a world where we are now combating more crisis and global issues than ever before, it has become imperative that companies lead the way towards a sustainable future for society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility: what is it?

Corporate social responsibility — CSR for short, or “for pretty” as my aunts would say — is not just about lowering a company’s carbon footprint and saving the world from global warming — though that is certainly part of it! CSR also demands that companies no longer turn a blind eye to the social issues of the world such as poverty, unemployment, healthcare, and education.

The concept behind corporate social responsibility is fairly straightforward: everyone is part of the world, and everyone should be helping build its future. By ignoring issues, social, economical and/or environmental, individuals or companies are making those issues worse. The message is simple: take responsibility, and if you’ve got the power, it’s your responsibility to to help solve the world’s issues.

How does Corporate Social Responsibility impact a company? aka. Why are we so focussed on Millennials?

Studies have shown that companies with a solid reputation as being a socially responsible business are more likely to attract Millennial customers. And believe us when we say you want to attract them; Millennials are today’s consumers and are rapidly becoming today’s leaders, if we don’t take steps to engage them our companies are bound to crumble and fall.

In a previous article, I’ve touched on their importance, but to summarize the ever-important subject, we should know that Millennials are the ‘always connected generation’ which is a nice way of saying that we — because I’m one of them — don’t have the excuse of shutting out the world’s problems thanks to the Internet and our inability to survive without social media…

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