There’s Nothing Wrong with Ester

Horror film connoisseurs,

In horror movies of today, it seems that the jump scare tactic is the method of choice for most directors when attempting to scare the audience. Personally, I feel that jump scares are lacking in both originality and thought. Director Jaume Collet-Serra instead builds a terrifying plot in his film Orphan, rather than relying heavily on cheap tactics to startle the audience.

The film tells the story of the Coleman family who, after the tragedy of their miscarriage, decide to adopt a child from the local orphanage. They instantly fall in love with the seemingly mature, and wise 9-year-old girl named Ester. However, after bringing Ester home it seems that trouble tends to follow her around. After injuries, murder and deceit come into the Coleman household, it seems that Ester is the only link between them all.

The creative plot is similar to that of the 2012 film directed by David Guy Levy, Would You Rather. Both films are realistic and can pull you in with their real-world problems. Everyone can relate and feel bad for the main characters and it seems as though their lives only continue to worsen as the plot develops. Complete with a surprise ending in each, they are very similar in delivery styles.

The creative portion that truly enhanced the plot of the film was the costumes. Ester’s clothes were always much too old for this day in age. She only seemed to wear dark colors and olden day clothing. This accentuated the fact that Ester was an outcast and that something was different about her and made her stand out. The old clothing, along with Esters “too mature” personality make the viewer feel uncomfortable and weary.

Orphan was a modern day horror film, with well a thought out plot, meant to leave the viewer guessing, but also terrified. I was impressed with the film and overall give it an A-.

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