2016 Season Refresher

One last look at our first season of Dynasty Football

Something tells me Atlanta doesn’t want a 2016 recap.

The 2017 Season is fast approaching, but let’s take one last look at 2016 before we gear up for the upcoming year. It can be hard enough remembering how your own team did, so here are some of the most interesting records, statistics, and pick-ups throughout the league in our first year of Dynasty Football.

Regular Season Team Stats and Records

The Purple People Eaters dominated in 2016

Quick rehash of some of the season and weekly scoring awards. I claimed 2016 Offensive MVP with 1578.24 points and JR got Milk Dud of the Year with 1250.10 total points. No surprise the Top 3 Blowouts are all teams also in the Top 5 Scoring Performances, although Kurtis’ Week 13 blowout wasn’t actually from his Week 1 151.44 point explosion. Mikey, Jason, and Kevin finish off the list below with the Top 3 Nailbiters.

2016 Sweet Studs (Total Points)

Purple People Eaters (Anton): 1578.24
Still Breezy (Joe): 1516.96
Daddy Fat Sack (Josh): 1462.70

2016 Milk Duds (Total Points)

2 Gurley’s 1 Cup (JR): 1250.10
Hail Gabbert (Kurtis): 1272.52
Handcuffs (Mikey): 1338.38

Longest Win Streak

Daddy Fat Sack (Josh): 6 - Weeks 7–12

Longest Losing Streak

Hail Gabbert (Kurtis): 8 - Weeks 5–12

Top 5 Scoring Performances

HARAMBES (Marlo): 163.50 - Week 1
Purple People Eaters (Anton): 162.80 - Week 6
Fried Watermelon (Jeff): 152.46 - Week 12
Hail Gabbert (Kurtis): 151.44 - Week 1
Purple People Eaters (Anton): 148.36 - Week 5

Bottom 5 Scoring Performances

Fried Watermelon (Jeff): 56.84 - Week 4
Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani): 61.64 - Week 1
Hail Gabbert (Kurtis): 64.46 - Week 6
Throwin Fitz (Lando): 66.66 - Week 6
Daddy Fat Sack (Josh): 67.66 - Week 13

Top 3 Blowouts

HARAMBES (Marlo): 72.96 - Week 1 vs Daddy Fat Sack (Josh)
Hail Gabbert (Kurtis): 64.74 - Week 13 vs Still Breezy (Joe)
Purple People Eaters (Anton): 61.62 - Week 6 vs HARAMBES (Marlo)

Top 3 Nailbiters

Handcuffs (Mikey): 0.16 - Week 13 vs Big Black Zeke (Jason)
Big Black Zeke (Jason): 0.18 - Week 6 vs Fried Watermelon (Jeff)
CephaloScorin (Kevin): 0.26 - Week 5 vs Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)

Fantasy MVPs (Total Points)

David Johnson, RB1, 391.80 Total Points

Some fun notes here looking back at the most productive fantasy players at each position. It’s clear how Joe scored so many points after seeing he had his weekly pick between two of the top 3 QBs all year to go along with David Johnson’s dominating 391.80 point season. For the last time, considering Joe also had Jordy Nelson, it really is insane he was 3–8 prior to trading Nelson after Week 11.

Some context: Jordy finished 2nd over all WRs, but didn’t really explode until after Joe traded him (go figure), scoring 40% of his points over just the last 5 weeks of the season.

Instead, Jordy’s final 5 week explosion keyed my playoff run, but I had plenty of help both in the playoffs and the regular season, owning a league leading 6 MVPs if you include Dustin Hopkins (K), giving me at least one in every position except QB. Marlo and Joe tied for the second most MVPs, both with 4 fantasy studs.

Other notes: Le’Veon Bell put up 299.40 points for Tani, and did it in only 12 games. No surprise seeing Jason’s stud rookie RB Zeke in the MVPs, but Binh’s got to be pretty pleased with Michael Thomas finishing as the 7th best WR in his rookie year. Speaking of WRs, Marlo and Bunger both have a pair of MVP receivers that should continue to crack this list over the next few years.

Mikey currently owns Greg Olsen, but it was Tani who benefited most of the year from Olsen’s 2nd overall TE production. Surprising name on the list: Kyle Rudolph, who took advantage of injuries to Gronk, Reed, and Eifert and rewarded Marlo with a top 3 TE year. Full list below.

Aaron Rodgers, QB1, 464.52 Points

Aaron Rodgers: 464.52 - He Went 2 Jared (Binh)
Matt Ryan: 427.96 - Still Breezy (Joe)
Drew Brees: 407.82 - Still Breezy (Joe)

David Johnson: 391.80 - Still Breezy (Joe)
Ezekiel Elliot: 337.40 - Big Black Zeke (Jason)
Le’Veon Bell: 299.40 - Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)
DeMarco Murray: 285.30 - Daddy Fat Sack (Josh)
LeSean McCoy: 285.30 - Purple People Eaters (Anton)
Devonta Freeman: 275.10 - CephaloScorin (Kevin)

Mike Evans: 277.10 - Purple People Eaters (Anton)
Jordy Nelson: 255.70 - Purple People Eaters (Anton)
Antonio Brown: 253.80 - Throwin Fitz (Lando)
Odell Beckham Jr.: 249.60 - Fried Watermelon (Jeff)
T.Y. Hilton: 242.80 - HARAMBES (Marlo)
Julio Jones: 234.90 - HARAMBES (Marlo)
Michael Thomas: 216.70 - He Went 2 Jared (Binh)
Doug Baldwin: 205.60 - Cosby’s Sleepers (Bunger)
Brandin Cooks: 204.80 - Cosby’s Sleepers (Bunger)

Travis Kelce, TE1, 189.00 Total Points

Travis Kelce: 189.00 - Purple People Eaters (Anton)
Greg Olsen: 178.30 - Handcuffs (Mikey)
Kyle Rudolph: 169.00 - HARAMBES (Marlo)

Denver: 199.00 - Throwin Fitz (Lando)
Minnesota: 198.00 - Purple People Eaters (Anton)
Kansas City: 197.00 - HARAMBES (Marlo)

Justin Tucker: 171.00 - Still Breezy (Joe)
Matt Bryant: 171.00 - Hail Gabbert (Kurtis)
Dustin Hopkins: 147.00 - FA, Last Owner: Purple People Eaters (Anton)

Savviest Pick-ups of the Year

LeGarrette Blount, $23 Waiver Bid

Lastly, we’ll go through some of the most interesting, high-value pick-ups owners were able to snag through the waiver wire/free agency. Next to the players name is where they finished in fantasy points among their position. If a player was picked up by multiple owners, team listed is the last owner to snag him.

Dak Prescott (QB6): $0 Waiver Bid - He Went 2 Jared (Binh)
Matthew Stafford (QB7): $15 Waiver Bid - Purple People Eaters (Anton)
Carson Wentz (QB24): Free Agent Add - CephaloScorin (Kevin)

Dak headlines the QBs and we’ve all seen the impact he made as a rookie, both in fantasy and in real life. Of course, Binh didn’t receive any of that impact as he traded Dak to Mikey in the preseason, but no one expected Dak’s rookie year and I’m sure Binh is still sleeping soundly with Rodgers and Cam as his signal-callers.

Dak Prescott, $0 Waiver Bid

Stafford quietly had a solid year and I’m very pleased with picking him up mid-season for $15 after JR dropped him for Kaepernick. In JR’s defense, Kaep actually had a monster mid-season and his ~20 fantasy points per game would have him ranked QB11 if he played all 16 games.

Wentz gets included here despite the QB24 finish as more of a savvy pick-up heading into 2017. The rookie QB showed a lot of promise last year, and now gets an offense that added Alshon Jeffery. Kevin’s patience with the young QB could pay off sooner rather than later.

On the Bubble:
Colin Kaepernick: See above.

LeGarrette Blount (RB8): $23 Waiver Bid - Handcuffs (Mikey)
Jordan Howard (RB9): Free Agent Add - 2 Gurley’s 1 Cup (JR)

Mikey paid quite a bit for Blount, but his 2016 production made him more than worth that price tag. Unfortunately for Mikey, he traded Blount to Tani, who reaped the benefits of Blount’s 18 TDs while Mikey waited for Jamaal Charles to get healthy all year.

Meanwhile, 5th Round NFL pick Jordan Howard was added by JR for free right before the season started, and all he went to do was rush for 1313 yards and finish as the RB9.

Jordan Howard, Free Agent Add

On the Bubble:
-Bilal Powell: Exploded through the final fantasy weeks for Marlo.
-Terrance West: Solid spot starter for Mikey.

Tyrell Williams (WR13): $10 Waiver Bid - Cosby’s Sleepers (Bunger)
Tyreek Hill (WR16): Free Agent Add - Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)
Rishard Matthews (WR19): $1 Waiver Bid - Daddy Fat Sack (Josh)
Terrelle Pryor (WR20): Free Agent Add - Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)
Pierre Garcon (WR25): $40 Waiver Bid - Throwin Fitz (Lando)
Kenny Britt (WR28): Free Agent Add - Cosby’s Sleepers (Bunger)

There was actually tons of WR value on the wire with multiple receivers capable of slotting in as second and third startable options every week. Tyrell and Tyreek lead off the list as young WRs who took advantage of injuries on their team, and could continue to carve out a role depending on their NFL team’s actions in the offseason.

Tyrell Williams, $10 Waiver Bid

The next 4 are all veteran type receivers that were clearly after-thoughts in our draft, but they all eclipsed 1000 receiving yards except for Matthews, who made up for it by scoring 9 TDs. The $40 Lando spent on Garcon was made fun of and it’s still a lot in relation to all of the other bids, but at the end of the day it wasn’t a terrible price to pay for a safe weekly starter.

On the Bubble:
-Adam Thielen, Marqise Lee, Cole Beasley, Cameron Meredith: All provided some solid starts as a 3rd WR and even had some big games for Binh, Mikey, and Anton.

Kyle Rudolph (TE3): Free Agent Add - HARAMBES (Marlo)
Cameron Brate (TE6): Free Agent Add - Big Black Zeke (Jason)
Hunter Henry (TE13): $6 Waiver Bid - Purple People Eaters (Anton)

Kyle Rudolph, Free Agent Add

We already touched on Rudolph’s productive year for Marlo, but Cameron Brate also came out of nowhere to give weekly starter production for Jason’s team. Henry, like Wentz, makes the list more for 2017 and beyond. He flashed some serious top 5 TE potential and Antonio Gates can’t beat Father Time forever. Henry is likely already worth more than the late 2nd round pick Anton traded him away for.

Kickers and Defenses will be left off, as those are usually one week plug-ins, and I felt total points couldn’t capture which pick-ups were the “savviest”.

And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for some 2017 preview articles as we gear up for next season!