2017 Team Preview — Orlando

How does Throwin Fitz look heading into 2017?

With the 2017 season fast approaching, I’m doing a preview of each team! The previews will be looking at each team from a redraft perspective instead of dynasty, so they’ll also function as a peudo 2017 Power Ranking when all the previews are done.

Roster’s were graded by using FantasyPro’s 2017 Draft Rankings in order to judge a team’s strength strictly for the 2017 season. So teams have players ranked higher in Dynasty Rankings than 2017 Rankings and vice versa.

Overall grades were assigned as well as broken into a team’s starters, bench, and by position. Every grade is done on a scale versus the other teams in the league. I’ll basically leave it at that but if anyone wants to know in more detail or just see their roster’s analysis for their own knowledge just hit me up.

Same disclaimer as always, these are just for fun. Fantasy football is super random year to year and “expert” websites are wrong just as often as they are right. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

12. Lando, Overall Grade: C+

Projected Starters: B-

QB: B [Jameis Winston]
RBs: C+ [Mark Ingram, Dalvin Cook]
WRs: B [Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Pierre Garcon]
TE: C [Coby Fleener]
K: B- [Matt Prater]
DEF: A+ [Denver]

Depth: C-

QB: C- [N/A] (Graded as the average of the top 3 FA QBs in our league)
RB: C+ [Darren Sproles]
WRs: C+ [Ted Ginn, Torrey Smith]
TE: B- [Evan Engram]

Strengths: DEF, Antonio Brown
Lando has a top-tier Dynasty QB in Jameis Winston, but the 3rd year Buccaneer hasn’t quiite hit the top echelon for redraft purposes yet. Someone who is in the top echelon at their position? Antonio Brown, ranked 1st among all WRs. That type of ranking squarely puts Brown as a strength all on his own for Lando’s team. On the other side of the ball, Lando has the elite Denver Bronco defense, who’ve finished as the top scoring fantasy defense two years in a row.

Weaknesses: TE, RB, Overall Depth
It was just one year ago where I listed Coby Fleener as one of my favorite picks from Lando’s start-up draft. Unfortunately that didn’t end up panning out as he finished as TE 16 last year and isn’t getting much love in the 2017 rankings. At RB, Ingram is in a crowded backfield and although Dalvin Cook could be a superstar in the making (fingers crossed babyy), fantasy rankings tend to be on the conservative side for rookies. Behind Lando’s starters is a suspect depth chart with no backup QB, aging veterans at WR and RB, and a raw (but promising) rookie TE.

X-Factor: Dalvin Cook
Lando’s best chance at staying competitive in 2017 is an upgrade to his RB position and the player most likely to blow past his current ranking is Cook. Cook has already taken advantage of Latavius Murray being hurt all of training camp and should now begin the season as the starter. As long as Murray doesn’t steal all the goal-line work, Cook’s versatility in the passing game should lead to a lot of usage in the Vikings offense.

Prediction: 12th, 5–8 record

Lando’s starters are solid and Antonio Brown is one of the few players that has week-winning upside. However, outside of Winston and Cook, there’s not a lot of 2017 breakout potential. Fitzgerald, Garcon, Ingram, Sproles, etc are all veterans that will continue to produce the same steady production as last year, leading Lando to another 5–8 finish.

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