End of Regular Season/Playoff Preview

Well that was unexpected

Monday night, with all eyes on Mikey’s matchup and the playoff implications if he lost, Andrew Luck and the Colts exploded simultaneously as the Jets imploded.

Instead of Mikey and Jason’s matchup making the difference (although Forte ended up cutting it real close), it was Kevin who fell out of the top 6 despite holding a 42 point advantage over Marlo heading into the night. Marlo, led by Luck, Hilton, and Gore, played the role of playoff spoiler for Kevin, who received an anemic 3.54 points from Fitzpatrick and Enunwa.

The result? Jeff inching into the playoffs with a 0.70 points tie-breaker over Kevin after winning his 5th straight week to end his season at 7–6.

The what if? Tani, only 4.22 points behind Jeff, would actually have claimed the 6th playoff spot had Doyle not fumbled as he dove into the end zone.

Instead, barring any stat corrections, the playoffs are locked with Josh and Binh claiming the 1st week bye. Jason surprisingly fell to 3rd after holding the top spot for so long, and will face Jeff in Week 14. Anton and Mikey will duke it out in a Clippers-Spurs style 1st Round, as they have the highest projected points among all playoff teams.

The Championship Bracket will still decide draft slot for the top 6 teams. The bottom 8 teams now have their draft slots locked. The first 8 Draft Picks are:

1. Hail Gabbert (Kurtis)
2. Still Breezy (Joe)
3. 2 Gurley’s 1 Cup (JR)
4. Throwin Fitz (Lando)
5. Cosby’s Sleepers (Bunger)
6. HARAMBES (Marlo)
7. Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)
8. CephaloScorin (Kevin)

The bottom 8 will also face off in the dreaded Sacko Playoffs. The stakes are high, with the winner of the consolation bracket receiving an additional 1st Round Pick (#15 Overall), and the final loser will be given the unfortunate title of Sacko 2016.

Don’t forget: Yahoo matchups for the bottom 8 teams are incorrect. Yahoo will still track how many points you score, but please refer to this bracket to see who you are matching up against:

Other things to note:

Kurtis ended the season on a high note, claiming the weekly high score for Week 13.

Kurtis’ high score also saved him from the 2016 Milk Dud Award. Instead, JR claims that honor with a league-low 1250.10 points.

Anton claims the title of 2016 MVP, ending the season with a league-high 1578.24 points.

Bunger ended the season on a 5 week losing streak to push him out of a playoff spot.

As mentioned, Jeff won his 5th straight week to sneak him into the top 6 spots.

Marlo’s big win spoiled Kevin’s playoff spot, but also pushed Marlo up the standings, resulting in the 6th overall pick instead of the 2nd pick if he had lost.

Binh’s sneaky climb into the 2nd Seed awards him a 1st Week Bye, and also guarantees his 1st Round Pick to be in the bottom 4 instead of the bottom 6. Anton owns that pick, and is unhappy.

Come to the BBQ on Sunday and let the playoff madness begin!

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