Roster Requirements

Reviewing some bylaws and requirements

Some quick reminders for you all as well as a revision to ensure all match-ups are fair and competitive every week.

First, as announced back on October 10th:

Team owners will be penalized $15 FAAB for each player that makes a start on their roster while being on their Bye Week.

This is now being revised to include inactive/injured players. This will go in effect Week 9, so anyone starting an inactive player Week 8 gets a pass.

This bylaw will now be as follows, and will be added to the Constitution, as I hadn’t added it earlier:

Team owners will be penalized $15 FAAB for each player that makes a start while being on their Bye Week, or inactive due to injury/suspension/etc.

Second, don’t forget about By-Law Section II, B-2:

2. Must start a full lineup at all times. No tanking or sitting of a player/defense to prevent negative points will be allowed. Infractions will result in forfeiture of the owner’s next year’s second highest draft pick at time of infraction.

I bring this up because Binh dropped the Chicago defense this morning prior to their game tonight, which looked like an effort to avoid potential negative points. However, it was an accident and Chicago has been added back to his roster.

Please be aware of these rules and roster requirements! I would hate to actually enforce these but these are in place to make sure every match-up is as fair and competitive as possible. Thanks everyone!

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