Tani assembles his super team

Trade 1

Almost one year later, and Binh makes his move to acquire assets in exchange for Cam Newton. Josh Doctson and Pick 1.07 is quite a nice haul and should provide a lot more roster value over Cam, who was stuck behind QB-god Aaron Rodgers on Binh’s roster.

On the flip side, this trade should be a win for Tani as well. His roster under-achieved last year but he went 5–1 to close out the season, barely missing the playoffs after his players got healthy. Smart money says Cam bounces back from last year’s QB 17 season, and he should give Tani more firepower than Doctson and whatever rookie is chosen at Pick 7.

Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani) receives:

Cam Newton, QB— CAR
2017 Round 3, Pick 14 (43rd OVR) — He Went 2 Jared (Binh)

He Went 2 Jared (Binh) receives:

Josh Doctson, WR — WAS
Carson Palmer, QB — ARI
2017 Round 1, Pick 7 (7th OVR) — Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)

Trade 2

Sound the alarms, Tani isn’t messing around in his quest for a championship. He immediately uses the 3rd round pick acquired from Binh to add the cherry on top needed to acquire Jordy Nelson from me. It’s a bold move trading away Digg’s youth for a receiver turning 32 this month, but as Mikey always says: “Scared money don’t make money”. Jordy is fresh off scoring the second most WR points, and should continue to put up elite fantasy production for 2–3 years with Rodgers not slowing down at all.

Meanwhile, I finally get Stefon Diggs after pestering Marlo and then Tani about him for the past year. Diggs is only 23 years old and has shown flashes of being a top 20 receiver in his first 2 years. Antonio Brown-lite may or may not be a thought that has crossed my mind. If I remove my Vikings homer glasses though, Diggs only finished as the WR 41 last year and has been unable to stay healthy throughout both seasons. Not to mention he has boring-ass Bradford throwing him the ball. If I hadn’t won the 2016 championship, this deal probably doesn’t go down. Instead, I’m sittin pretty with my trophy and I get MY BOIII DIGGS LETS GOOOOO!

Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani) receives:

Jordy Nelson, WR — GB

Purple People Eaters (Anton) receives:

Stefon Diggs, WR — MIN
2017 Round 2, Pick 12 (27th OVR) — Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)
2017 Round 3, Pick 14 (43rd OVR)Terelle Me When 2 Go (Tani)

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