Top 15 Creative Uses for Old Socks

A Fun Game to Play With Your Kids

Photo by PublicDomain Pictures via pixabay

March Break is great but what if it’s cold and freezing rain outside? Instead of watching television or playing a video game how about daring your kids to play a silly activity?

Challenge them to think of as many uses they can for their old socks, stockings or pantyhose. Then have fun putting those ideas to use!

Here are 15 ideas that can spur your family on:

  1. Put panty hose over the end of vacuum cleaner hose to clean your fish tank.

This will clean the rocks without sucking them up into the vacuum. And the bonus is you get your kids to help you clean without even realizing it!

2. Combine socks with paints to use as a new wall treatment (like sponging).

Tired of your old walls? Create a new technique that will become all the rage.

3. Combine pantyhose with a ball to use as a slingshot.

You can then make it a game to see who can throw the ball the furthest. Try different sized balls like a golf ball, a baseball or a soccer ball.

4. Put a cold pack inside a sock for sore muscles.

This will come in handy especially after a morning of slingshotting balls!

5. Use the sock as stuffing to repair stuffed animals and pillows.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. There’s a lesson to teach your kids here.

6. Tie panty hose around newspapers and magazines for recycling.

Gather all the old papers that have been collecting dust around the house and bring them to the curb.

7. Pull socks over shoes to keep them clean in the garden.

Get the kids pulling weeds but keep their shoes sparkling clean so they don’t track mud back into the house.

8. Use a sock as a chew toy or tug-of-war with the dog.

Let Rover enjoy the fun too!

9. Use the socks as a cloth to dust furniture and ceiling fans.

Make it fun to wipe those surfaces that the duster has missed over the winter months.

10. Use the socks to polish shoes or polish silver.

Tarnished silver is no problem for kids equipped with a good sock and polish!

Photo by congerdesign via pixabay

11. Fill panty hose with potpourri to store in cupboards or closets.

You can create your own aromas and use different scents in each room of your house.

12. Cut ends off socks to pull over knees and use as knee pads.

Protect your pants and your knees when you’re pulling weeds in the garden.

13. Use rolled up socks to prevent drafts at windows and under doors.

Save on electricity bills by plugging up the drafty spots in your home.

14. Slide socks over windshield wipers when freezing rain.

Since you’re indoors on a cold and freezing rain day anyway, you may as well protect your wipers.

15. Use socks to create sock puppets.

Then at the end of the day put on a puppet show!

Photo by Narcis Ciocan via pixabay

If you use most of these ideas, not only will you have happy kids who won’t be bored, but you’ll have a pretty clean home too!