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There is a Father Who Loves You

What My Daughter’s Storybook Bible Can Teach Us About How We Are Loved

Many people here a whisper in their heads around the holidays. It enters in when they see families together or couples walking around the mall. They hear it creep in like fog across an open field. Do you know what the whisper is saying?

“Are you loved be anyone? Do you really think they love you?”

It’s a terrible thing to hear in your own head. Especially, when it is played in your own voice. But it creeps in nevertheless. More and more people in our world today are hearing this whisper. And it is breaking their hearts and the hearts of those around them.

But there is something you need to know: YOU ARE LOVED!

The other night while putting my daughter to bed, we were reading through her Jesus Storybook Bible. It is written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and I would encourage anyone who is curious to pick one of these up.

I actually bought it years before I was married or had children. It is a special book to me because it shows how the Bible is painting a picture of how the entire Bible points to Jesus.

There are a couple of parts which always grab me. Which defeat the lie that we aren’t loved. And it is something I hold onto for myself that I felt I needed to share today.

It all starts in the beginning:

From the beginning God had a shining dream in his heart. He would make people to share his forever happiness. They would be his children. And the world would be their perfect home. So God breathed life into Adam and Eve. When they opened their eyes, the very first thing they saw was God’s face. And when God saw them, he was like a new dad.
“You look like me,” he said. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever made.”
God loved them with all of his heart. And they were lovely because he loved them.

What a beautiful picture of how God sees us. Every time I read this I think about the birth of my children. And how I marvel at their little faces after they have been born. And that I love them with all of my heart.

God loves you. And you are lovely, because he loves you.

Even though he created everything else on this planet, beautiful mountain scares, the ocean full of power and magesty. And the season which change as the year goes on, he loves you more than all of those things.

But it doesn’t stop there…

You see, God love you and if he loves you, there are people here on this planet who love you too. Not because they have to or because they think they should, but because you are lovely. You are worthy of being loved because the creator of the world loves you.

My daughter asked me once, “Why does God love us?

And it is evident in his words, whether through a children’s bible or the regular bible. God loves us because he created us. Just like an author loves his book. A sculpture loves his creation. And a mother and father love their child. He cannot but help to love us.

“And he loves everyone?” she asked going further.

“Yes, sweetheart. He loves everyone. That’s why he sent Jesus. To chase after everyone he loves so they can be with him one day. Do you think we should love everyone too?” I encouarged.

“Of course,” she said with a grin.

Next time you hear that whisper in your head, that you aren’t loved. Remember, there is a cute little four-year-old and her daddy who do love you. We want the best for you just as God wants the best for you. We may not know you or know what is happening in your life, but we love you.

And so does God!

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