The Infinite 2x2
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The Infinite 2x2

The one communication skill that can accelerate your career faster than anything

Learning how/when to employ “Top-Down” v. “Bottoms-Up” communication styles is a priceless skill that will pay lifelong dividends

Supervillains want to be understood, even if it’s just the hero right before they supposed to be destroyed.

We all have an innate desire to be understood. There’s a reason supervillains are known for monologuing — they…




Reducing the multi-faceted complications of life down to 2 competing ideas in a simple framework to help us make sense of it all

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Jonathan Woahn

Jonathan Woahn

Chief of Staff @ The Future of Work Studios. Husband. Father. TFA. McKinsey & Co. 3X startups. Entrepreneurship, leadership and self-actualization enthusiast.

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