Alonso commits to a multi-year deal with McLaren

Credit: Nathan Hine, Fernando Alonso during Free Practice at 2016 Italian GP, Monza, in what has proved to be one of many disappointing encounters for the team during their partnership with Honda

In the lead up to the United States Grand Prix this weekend at the circuit of the Americas, double world champion Fernando Alonso has confirmed that he will commit to the newly re-branded for 2018 McLaren-Renault Formula One team. The Spaniard signed for McLaren back in 2015 with the hope of taking McLaren-Honda to championship winning success. But all it brought was untold misery, with Alonso being more noted for his humorous remarks over team radio than his driving excellence, with a best of a fifth place in Hungary 2015 and USA 2016. But now with the Spaniard committing to a multi-year deal with the team, here’s hoping we can see the old Fernando back in 2018…

With McLaren’s recent split from its fraught relationship with Honda is believed to be the deciding factor to Alonso committing for the long-term with McLaren. As after pain and disappointment and fighting back-markers for three seasons, it was either Honda or Alonso for McLaren in 2018.

And with Fernando seemingly the stronger prospect of success, Zak Brown was able to strike a deal with Renault which caused the rest of the dominoes to fall into place.

Speaking ahead of the US GP weekend, Fernando said: “I’m very excited for next year, with different expectations, and keen to put McLaren back where it deserves to be. I want Australia to arrive already.The McLaren driver said he had carefully examined all the options available before deciding to stay at the British squad, in what he labelled a “cautious process. We left all doors open, I talked to everybody who wanted to talk, with all the different projects I had on the table, but the most convincing one was McLaren’s.”

Now we will wait and see if this proves to be a wise move for Alonso to return to winning ways or if this is the final fatal blow for the Spaniard inside F1. Here’s hoping that with Red Bull, Renault and now McLaren powered by the same unit, and with Peter Prodromou leading McLaren’s aerodynamic project that it will be a pretty quick F1 car in 2018. And that we can the Spaniard returning to winning ways just once more…

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