Behind the Paddock: Delphine Biscaye

To begin our ‘Behind the Paddock’ series we are starting with the big guns, the Team Manager of Venturi Formula E, Delphine Biscaye.

The goal of ‘Behind the Paddock’ is to give fans and enthusiasts a better understanding of the people that truly keep things running. While most motorsport fans understand that its a team effort there still isn’t much publicity for the people behind the scenes, especially in Formula E.

To start things off strong we interviewed the team manager of Venturi Formula E, Delphine Biscaye. Delphine got her start in motorsport during her mechanical engineering studies with the Williams Formula 1 team.

Delphine Biscaye testing out the cockpit of the Venturi Formula E car — (Image: Venturi Formula E)
After a lot of calls and an interview in their office I got a 6 months placement at Williams F1 in 2008. I came back for another 4 months for my end of studies placement in February 2009 and after I graduated in June they hired me as a contractor until the end of the year. I was working in the Design Office, first in R&D on the KERS and then for the Suspension Department.

Following her stint in Formula 1, Delphine found a new opportunity with Venturi Automobiles. At the time, Formula E had not been created so she was working on road car prototypes.

I then joined Venturi Automobiles in December 2009 and have been working there since that date. I first got employed as mechanical engineer and CAD designer working on the Sports cars prototypes Venturi was designing and developing at that time ; then I jumped onto Project Management of the Venturi Global Challenges (land speed record program and full electric vehicle to be used in Antarctica).
Venturi land-speed record programs — (Image: Venturi Automobiles)

After working with those departments of Venturi, Delphine would head to their Formula E team starting in the 2015/16 season. At the end of the season Venturi improved from 9th in the previous season to 6th. Is that a coincidence? We think not.

I only joined Venturi Formula E Team at the beginning of Season 2, starting with the logistics side from the office and going only to a couple of races where I replaced the Team Manager (Long Beach, Season 2), before being entitled “full time” Team Manager and going to all the races since the start of Season 3.

Like anyone in motorsport, Delphine sets goals but at the same time she is incredibly humble about the career she has had. Focusing solely on winning a championship can create a toxic career without balance and Delphine realizes personal and mental growth is just as important.

The most important for me and what keeps me motivated is to learn new things and have new challenges, but I take them one at a time. I don’t fix myself an ultimate goal, I stay open to new opportunities and new challenges, and will see where it leads me.
Delphine during the 2018 Santiago ePrix — (Image: Venturi Formula E)

Moving on from career oriented questions we asked Delphine what her favourite sport and team was when she was growing up. One thing is for sure, her teenage interests are perfect for the attitude you need in motorsport.

I have never been « supporter » of any team in particular. I watch all kind of sports but don’t have one I’m crazy about. As a teenager I used to practice karate and Thai boxing…

Lastly, we asked Delphine a fun question about which song you would sing for karaoke if you could pick any song.

I have never sang in a karaoke, and would probably pick a french song, so I had to think a lot to this question… Strangely, I think I would pick « Summer of 69 » by Bryan Adams ! During my first placement in England I used to work in a pub and discovered this song, still reminds me good memories.

Hopefully after reading about Delphine you can start to imagine how many interesting people work in motorsport behind the scenes. Side note; should teams earn extra points for karaoke competitions? We think so.