Behind the scenes: Auto Racing Connected

Episode One — Seth Rawls

As a media partner of the motorsport esports league, Auto Racing Connected, we were able to ask Seth Rawls some questions. Seth a is a driver in the series and has a deep passion for motorsport.

My first video game was NASCAR Thunder 2004 by EA Sports, as a little kid it was amazing to play as my favorite drivers in the same cars they race every week.

Unlike many current esports players, Seth found himself falling into it rather than starting at a young age. He began his online motorsport career looking at IRacing competitions.

Seth Rawls, Spa — Auto Racing Connected

After realizing the need to hone his skills, he decided to take it back a step and fall in love with the competition itself.

For now, I just love the competition and racing others from across the world.

Not only is he just a driver in Auto Racing Connected, but he is an integral part in the early start of ARC. A group of friends looking to have a friendly competition with their favourite cars was enough to look for options their way.

I began meeting people through the races. We all were friends and just wanted to have some fun doing what we loved. Unfortunately, there were no NASCAR games coming to the PS4 when most of us made the switch, so we looked to other games.

The game of choice was Project Cars. This allowed them to use a variety of different cars on a variety of circuits. Since the game was so flexible, it also made sense for future growth of the league.

With that being said, growth has arrived for ARC as drivers participating has increased, along with their social media presence. Seth continues to compete in the league and is always looking for success.

Definitely want to win a lot of titles, as I only have 2 to my name so far. I also would love to complete the triple crown by winning Monaco soon. But other than that, I would love to just have some fun before I go off for colleges where I hope I can take more of a team owner role and bring up other drivers.

Esports is a rising and already popular concept, so we thought it would be fitting to ask about the future of esports. Formula 1 has already introduced their league which is backed by teams. This is a massive indication that motorsport esports is here.

While there have been incredibly competitive leagues, (most of the F1 esports drivers competed in high ranking races before transferring), F1 esports was the sign of an age-old sport going modern.

I definitely see a rise in popularity coming in the future for esports. Sim racing is already being seen by a majority of major racing series such as NASCAR, F1, and WEC. As well as the rest of the esports community being recognized with the sports and strategy games. All together I can really see the esports scene competing with top name organizations.

Seth Rawls is someone to keep an eye on as a future esports name, whether that be as a driver or a team owner.

You can also look forward to more of these interviews as Auto Racing Connected prepares for its sixth season of competitions.

Seth’s Favourite Video Game:

(Outside of motorsport games)

EA Sports NHL

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