I just want this Formula 1 season to end

Is it just me or is everyone already waiting for 2018?

The hype has been real for 2018. Driver changes and engine deals have flooded the news for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, this season has been really entertaining. The title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel has drawn a lot of interest from fans. Fernando Alonso is more popular than ever and a new era of F1 stars are coming up. So why do I want it to end?

Because i’m being very optimistic about next year. Not seeing McLaren on top, or at least fighting at the top is a crime. The sport needs them at the top. Hopefully their Renault power unit will help them be more competitive. I’m just really hoping things will get shaken up next year. If Red Bull and other more competitive teams can close the performance gap, it will be a great season.

Fernando Alonso McLaren Honda 2017 (Image: McLaren Media)

It is a dream for many to have every team be just as competitive. Unfortunately this is not the case. For years fans have been asking for the very thing that I am expecting next year. That’s why I have other reasons for wanting this season to end. This may go against many norms in the motorsport world right but I just really want to watch Formula E.

This new series is very intriguing and has been getting a lot of attention the last few months. Its car launch season for the series so the excitement is being ramped up. Seeing something like this from the ground level is an experience few have had. The first days of Formula 1 must have been an absolutely nuts experience.

Not only will this be an exciting year for Formula E but it will also take up the off season of Formula 1. Goodbye social life. My eyes will continue to be glued to my phone for the foreseeable future. But for now, we should watch an amazing title fight unfold beneath our very eyes.

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