Ferrari has saved this era of Formula 1

Competition is back, and we love it.

Australian Grand Prix 2017 (race winner Sebastian Vettel)

Formula 1 always goes through phases of certain teams dominating, that is nothing new. But we should really thank the people that pull those dominating teams back to reality. From 2014 until around now, Mercedes has crushed the competition. Yes, there have been times when Red Bull and Ferrari have seen the glimmering light of hope, but until 2017 there was still no match.

Ferrari has proven they are a formidable force that will never give up. The performance gap has been closed and Ferrari and Mercedes are battling it out. The battle between Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) is a great change. It is something fans deserve and long for. Seeing two teammates go head to head is exciting, but not for the fans of any other team.

The color of red has once dominated Formula 1, their time has come and gone, but now it’s back. Lewis Hamilton may not like the idea of this but it is much needed. Hopefully other teams will also catch up, Red Bull is scratching at the door and maybe Force India can make some improvements.

Competition is what this sport thrives on…and any sport for that matter, so seeing Ferrari back on the podium is a sight that many cherish and love. This article may just be a filler piece for the summer break, but it should not go unmentioned, Ferrari has saved this era of Formula 1.

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