Introducing: The Daily Briefing

To begin with, we should tell you a little about who we are, The Sources. The Sources is a news and media online resource operating via social media, Medium and other platforms, created with the intent to bring together unbiased and informative stories from across the world in a way that tells the true facts behind each one. There has been a lot of talk of bias and partisanship in news and on social media. Our goal is to create a platform using a culmination of multiple major news sources in order to display the the meaning and truth beyond the noise. Each source out there tells it differently, but if combined, they create an informative outlet.

The Daily Briefing is our first attempt at providing this type of coverage. Based of the name of ‘The President’s Daily Briefing’ —

The President’s Daily Briefing (George W. Bush)

a highly classified report of the most critical intelligence and national security issues delivered each day to the President by The Director of National Intelligence — this publication will put out an article each morning that sums up the most note worthy and pertinent breaking and developing news stories from across the globe. Using multiple sources — including, but not limited to The AP, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, Reuters, NPR, Time, BBC, Forbes, The WSJ, The NYT, etc. — each story will include a brief overview, list of facts (if available and/or required), brief commentary regarding where it may go, and places where you may read more/follow the story as the day continues.

The Daily Briefing is a test run for this idea of news reporting via multiple media sources. We intend to take it past this simple basis, but hope that it will provide an opportunity to provide readers with clear, unbiased reporting, leaving them to draw their own personal opinions.


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