Here are my stats after 30 days of publishing my article

Statistics is very important if you want to know what is going on! Data represent facts and give credibility to your argument.

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Before we move into the stats, I have a confession to make; I am no professional writer. I started writing on Medium a month ago, and I’ve only written a few articles.

In the past 30 days, I published 10 articles. One of them skyrocketed! That blew me away. I’m a newbie!

Link to that article:

Here are my stats for the past 30 days.

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I wanted to write every day😅. I did write enough that I gained 100 followers in this timeframe 😀 Thank you. Thank you!

I gained 7,500 views within 30 days! Half of my reads are from that one story only.

What’s most fulfilling about these results is that this post is the first time I’ve looked at my stats more than to figure out how Medium stats worked. I haven’t been keeping track of my overall stats.

I just checked the stats on my article — to see how it is doing and evaluate my writing.

I thought of not focusing on stats. I’m all about writing the best quality articles I can. I want to offer something of value for you all.

The love of this process. It’s what is fueling me to keep publishing.

I’ve been working hard but I don’t feel burnt out at all. Instead; I feel like I’m a student. I am improving myself while adding value to society, or you can say, giving back to the community.

Don’t mind me as I pat myself on the back:)

That’s for today fam. I’ll again post my stats after another 30 days.

See you, pals!



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