Why Do I Like Quiet People?

Verbal restraint is the greatest virtue

Mukundarajan V N
The Daily Cuppa Grande


A smiling woman placing  a finger on her mouth asking for silence
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“Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.” (Jorge Luis Borges)

Being an introvert, I like people who talk less.

Reticence is a virtue, not a flaw. Taciturnity is noble; loquacity is coarse.

Our noisy world has different values. It treats talkativeness as a virtue. People view garrulity as a sign of sociability and friendliness.

Being a reserved person invites scorn, contempt, and social ostracism. People view reticence either as a sign of stupidity or of arrogance.

People who choose silence over speech are neither idiots nor snobs. On the other hand, they are wise and pragmatic.

They know when, how, and what to say. They choose their words carefully because they know words are powerful and can hurt as well as heal.

“There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” (Susan Cain)

The reticent person’s silence is an act of courage, nobility, and courtesy. They don’t impose their attention on others, as they respect people's privacy and the right to be left alone.

They believe that “speech is silver and silence is golden.”

Their silence is deceptive because it’s more eloquent than speech. Its unstated language speaks of kindness, graciousness, and dignity.

Silence is a measured stance of mental maturity and a spiritual attitude of care, tolerance, and consideration.

“In quietness, the soul expands.” (Rockwell Kent)

Stillness is the key to spiritual awareness.

The quiet people are active listeners. Their verbal control enables them to pay attention to others and lend their ears sympathetically.

Silence aids self-reflection and bolsters meta-cognition. It sparks empathy and creativity.

Silence is not the absence of communication; it’s the manifestation of total awareness and of unconditional presence in the moment.

The reticent are not tongue-tied; they don’t rush to speak. They choose to speak when it’s necessary.

They compensate for their lack of verbal communication with smiles and friendly gestures. They are masters of non-verbal communication, which matters more than plain talk.

Reticence is another name for patience, the ability to wait, watch, and be present. It’s self-discipline in action.

The reticence of quiet people is deceptive because it hides their enormous inner strength.

Silence is an act of love and kindness. Its depth and breadth are immeasurable. It’s eloquent without the shrill noise of loud speech.

The quiet people are humanity’s benefactors, nourishers, and saviours. We feel their presence, like experiencing fresh air.

Blessed are the quiet people. May they inherit the earth!

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Mukundarajan V N
The Daily Cuppa Grande

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