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2022 Dreaming…

Bullet journal

I start daydreaming about my goals, challenges and projects for the year ahead in November. Typically, I collect images on Pinterest and make notes in my bullet journal of what I’m thinking. I don’t have to decide at this time. It’s a time to allow my mind to run wild and consider everything.

I usually keep a page open for things that come to me or that I know need to get done. In November, it’s just dreams. At the beginning of December, I’ll decide what I want and begin to finalize. This is also sometimes the point where I’ll start the goal/dream/challenge.

December is always funny for me- it’s a push/pull. A push to start things and an overwhelming desire for rest. That’s why I’m grateful that November is solely for dreaming.

How do you plan your resolutions and projects for the next year?



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