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My BYOB book of poetry: yellow background in a pink color frame with 2 books. One of a young girl in a vineyard and the other a woman writing.
Rose CG

31-Days BYOB Challenge: Day 159 of a Self-Published Poetry Book

I asked my beta readers for feedback. Here are some of their comments.

  1. Is the message clear?

Overall it has a heartfelt message, but it needs more variety in its execution. Try using elegy or haiku.

2. Is punctuation working?

Do you want a simplistic effect between the poems written from a child’s perspective compared to the mature use of language in others?

(To give a better reading experience, I divided the book into two sections: The Early Years and Beyond The Early Years.)

3. Does it evoke emotion?

They suggested book cover changes and were moved by the new elegy poem, Dear Tío.

(I wrote it because of comment one. It gave more depth to the book.)


Moving Toward Publication
Goals for Week 18:

  1. Formatting: The Grape Picker’s Daughter
  2. Final edits and cover changes

Adiós, Rose CG🌹



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